If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Minnesota, the Twin Cities is where you want to be. There are plenty of other fun things to do all over the entire state, but this needs to be your first pit stop. Of course, by the time you discover all there is to do there, you’ll never want to leave.

When you go to a mall where you’re from, how many stores are there? Maybe you’re used to seeing a 100 or more, but what if you were able to visit more than 520 stores? That’s how many there is at the Mall of America, which by the way is and has been for the longest time, the largest mall in the US. I remember hearing when I was a kid how there was a large ice skating rink inside the mall. It’s now a huge amusement park sponsored by Nickelodeon – when is the last time you saw a theme park inside a mall?

Of course, there is much more to do than just visit the largest mall in the states. Can you believe that within the Twin Cities, there are approximately 60 museums? How could you ever have time to visit them all? You can just imagine how many different categories there are when it comes to the types of museums.

One thing you might want to do after visiting the Mall of America is to pay a visit to the Water Park of America. Talk about a full day for the entire family right there. There is also the Amazing Mirror Maze and the ACES Flight Simulation, both of which have excellent ratings by previous visitors.

When uncovering all the things to do in the Twin Cities MN, you’ll find some great hidden gems, too. Be sure to find good eats at all the area restaurants, and be prepared to live it up.