If you think you’ve got all the details on the vast amount of things there are to do in the Minneapolis-St. Paul areas of Minnesota, just think about what these cities bring to the table. Even if you’ve been there before, you likely didn’t get to experience it all. Plus, things have surely changed since you’ve last seen many of the attractions.

I’m currently looking at an adventure course called the Dutchman’s Deck, and it features all kinds of fun activities. For example, would you like to enjoy yourself on the Ghostly Gangplank? It is part of Nickelodeon Universe by the way, and you’re essentially walking on a trail in the sky. This sounds adventurous not only for the kids but for adults as well, so don’t think you won’t enjoy an adventure with the Nickelodeon theme.

Would you like to get some horseback riding in while you’re there on vacation? The perfect spot for this activity is in Bunker Hills Park. There are also plenty of great theaters to visit while there you’re there for a unique cinema experience, and you might not want to pass up the Yorktown Cinema Grill.

You could blow an entire day at Three Rivers Park, but of course you’re going to want to do that during the warmer months. You definitely need to think about what time of year you want to visit. There are some great lakes, such as Harriet Lake, that you can spend time at enjoying the scenery.

Of course if you’re only there for a short stay, you’ll be too busy visiting all the main attractions I suppose. That is why you’ll want to come back and get to know the area more intimately. What time are you planning on visiting?