The Twin Cities in Minnesota are a common destination for US travelers. The community in these cities are well known for their art scene, music scene, and other popular events. Residents and visitors enjoy many indoor and outdoor events that celebrate the snow, ice, and cold atmosphere. If you are looking for things to do in the Twin Cities, consider the ideas in this post.

If you are visiting in the summer, go to one of the numerous parks in the area. Minnehaha Falls Park is a popular place to enjoy summer concerts, picnics, bike riding, and more. Seasonal events are particularly popular at this park. You can visit the Minneapolis Parks website to find a list of local parks, events, and activities to enjoy.

If you have children, check out the Minnesota Children’s Museum in Saint Paul. This center offers fun and engaging activities for children between the ages of six months and ten years. The activities in the area are designed to be interactive. They are divided up by age group to ensure children have an experience that is suited for them. It can definitely be a fun place to go for a birthday.

There are many live performances you can enjoy in the Twin Cities area. The Fitzgerald Theater features the Minnesota Ballet, Prairie Home Companion shows, live music, and so much more. The theater’ programs are constantly changing, so program availability depends on when you visit. You can visit the website for this theater to see what tickets are available during your visit.

As you can see, there are many different activities for you to enjoy in the Twin Cities. Planning ahead will help ensure you get the most that the cities have to offer. Check out the events that will occur during your trip. From there, you can make great plans for your visit.