When you’re on vacation, what type of activities and adventures do you like to enjoy? You might think of Minnesota as quite the cold place to visit, but no one said you had to enjoy your stay during the dead of winter. Of course, that would make for some winter sports action. I’ll tell you a few things about the adventures that await you in the Twin Cities, and I’ll let you decide what you think sounds like a plan.

Maybe you’d like to make sure you visit the zoo while you’re in one of the northernmost states of the US. You can pick from the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory and the Minnesota Zoo, or you can choose to visit them both. If you’re also up for visiting some of the unique historical sites that are part of the heritage of the Twin Cities MN, then there are a ton to choose from.

Pay a visit to the Sibley House historic site, or for something a little bit odd and interesting, why not visit the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. If you ask me, that sounds like quite a bit of fun, and you’d come back with plenty of pictures, memories and stories to tell.

There is also the Minnesota History Center and the Minnesota Children’s Museum if you have children in your group. And oh, forget Sea World, as it’s such a generic vacation stop. Pay a visit to Sea Life Minnesota, which by the way is part of the Mall of America.

If you want to enjoy an experience where it’s almost like you traveled back in time, you need to visit The Landing. All these things await you when you book a trip to the Twin Cities MN for vacation.